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Game Commands

AddSTRCMD                    = /addstr
AddAGICMD                    = /addagi
AddVITCMD                    = /addvit
AddENECMD                    = /addene
AddCMDCMD                    = /addcmd

Decrease stats commands
/decstr Decrease Strenght, usage /decstr 111

PKClearCMD                    = /pkclear Costs 1kk per kill, can be used every 10minutes

Marry System
Allows to accept marry proposal after usage of above command, usage: /accept
Teleports yourself to your marriage partner, usage: /teleport
Allows to take divorce, usage: /divorce

Allows to disconnect specified character knowing their character name and account password, usage: /dcfriend
Useful if left character levelling at home/work etc

Allows to clear inventory from all items, keep equipped items, inventory, money and ruud
ClearBagCMD                    = /deletemyitems

Allows to clear event inventory from all items

ClearEventInvCMD            = /cleareventinv                       

Activate off-trade sale, requires setup of the personal store first, usage: /offtrade, in devias only
OffTradeCMD                    = /offtrade

Activates off-levelling system usage: /offlevel, Picks up zen, Offlevel time: 9hours, Vip time: 24h
OffLevelCMD                    = /offlevel

/npc Open NPC shop anywhere, using it on Chaos Gobling will stop mix and items will be lost
/store Open Warehouse everywhere, using it on Chaos Gobling will stop mix and items will be lost

/event Check event Information

Allows to register to Ice Wind Valley event, usage: /regicewind
RegIceWind = /regicewind    

Displays command help information for antilag system, usage: /antilag
CommandInfoCMD = /antilag                    


Published by SpeedMu 30/07/2019

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