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SpeedMu Online X100 Hunt 11.June

MuOnline Season 16 X100 Reset server Opening 11.June! The server is based on true mu online experience, hunting crafting and levelling with the latest Season 16 Features! The server is made in mode Hunt To Win, to get Best gear and Wings ingame player needs to grind/farm bosses events and top maps! Xshop sells only some buffs/pets and some items for mixes.

Server economy is made on ingame drops and player trades! Players can sell their hunted/crafted items in a personal store for Wcoins or In website Market! Ingame drop and hunting is challenging but not hard, the game is made exciting and enjoyable with regular mini bosses/events and spots suitable for each class!

Vip System: There is VIP system, with one level, VIP is given to everyone who makes any minimum donation from our website. Vip gives 10%Exp 10% HP bonuss.

Starter gifts: 3Days Skeleton Ring+Skeleton Pet, Deamon and Guardian Angel, and second Wings Box, to claim rewards type: /startergift and /letsfly

Share Event! Are you in FaceBook groups about muonline? Share THIS post, send in PM link to groups, and get 500 Wcoins at server opening! Dont spam in other server groups or walls!

All items must be Created in Game, No Webshop, No Pentashop, No FO Items, Max 3Exc options, Max 3Sockets

Published by SpeedMu 18/05/2021

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